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Lowry Denver Projects


I have worked with Lowry for years and in the last two years increased responsibility with various event management, including writing posts, doing social media, and vendor coordination. I also created the graphics for the various events.


Complete website redesign, content editing, and content reorganization. For this website, I worked with developers who customed coded a template for Lowry. We had to work hard to really focus on user experience and to organize a large amount of information. The design of this website included a branding refresh project while highlighting the historical significance of Lowry. Today, I still maintain this website, adding new features and functionality.


  • neighborhood directory listing
  • public art, including gallery
  • regularly changing sliders featuring special events and more
  • quick links for fast access
  • digital rules and regulations for HOA
  • calendar



Have a project?  Connect with me via email and let me know how I can help.